The Power of Blockchain applied to Global Automobile Maintenance Industry

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Meet SparesHub

SparesHub is on a mission to disrupt the global automobile maintenance industry using technology. We are a motived team of automobile enthusiasts with deep expertise in automobile technology. Our vision is to make an amazing experience for all our customers. We work in the domain of Automobile Parts, Automobile Repair & Service, and Technology powering Automobile platforms.

250+ B2B Customers

SparesHub has catered to more than 250+ B2B customers over the last 5 years.

Parts & Services

We provide high quality Car Parts and connect our customers to trusted & certified Repair Centers.


We are building a blockchain platform that will bring trust, transparency and accountability in Car Parts & Services.

5500+ Transactions

We have delighted more than 5,500 customers with our services providing high quality car parts & services.

$300+ Billion

SparesHub operates in a $300+ Billion global automobile aftermarket and maintenance industry


Based on our results, we have raised two qualified investments rounds from U.S.A, Singapore & India.


We are building a blockchain-based platform for the global automobile maintenance industry. It would be used to track automobile parts through the supply chain, book car services, buy replacement parts, store vehicle history securely and avail many other automobile services.


We are building world's first automobile parts supply chain provenance platform using blockchain technology specially designed and built for automobile parts industry


Customers would be able to check the authenticity of automobile parts using our blockchain platform


Customers would be able to buy car parts and avail repair services with 100% trust and confidence


We will create Global Consortium of automobiles and parts manufacturers to lead the blockchain revolution


Counterfeit automobile parts is a $10+ Billion industry. We can solve this huge problem using blockchain

SparesHub Token

The internal transactions of the platform would be powered by SparesHub Tokens.


Our platform would be a comprehensive ecosystem for complete automobile maintenance.

Introducing SparesHub Token - (PRTS)

Our blockchain platform is powered by SparesHub Token (PRTS). PRTS Tokens are the primary medium of exchange for all the transactions of our platform. Additionally, our TGE investors would also be eligible to receive regular dividends from the company operations. We would be generating total 500 million PRTS Tokens and they would not be generated ever again!


Token Generation Event Details

We are issuing SparesHub Tokens (PRTS) and below are the details of our token generation event. Additional details are covered in our Whitepaper.

  • KYC
  • $1 Million
  • $25 Million
  • 500 Million SparesHub Tokens (PRT) - ERC20 Tokens
  • $0.1 per PRT
  • $100 per Investor
  • 25% of Yearly Net Profits as Dividends & Token Buyback Program
  • Funds raised would be locked and released in equal tranches to the Company
  • Founder & Team tokens vested over two years with half yearly vesting
  • Investor KYC compulsory for all

Fund Utilization

Token Distribution

Platform Stakeholders

Our blockchain platform would have all the participants from the global automobile industry. We are creating an Automobile industry consortium which would contribute to the development and participate in the platform.

Future Timeline

Q1-Q2 2018

Ongoing parts business at SparesHub. Blockchain platform under development as of Feb 2018. OEMs invited to be part of the Global Automobile Blockchain consortium. SparesHub Token generation event presale and main sale. SparesHub token is present across popular and high volume exchanges. Funds locked for regular tranche-based release in US$ bank account

Q3-Q4 2018

Initial SparesHub blockchain platform is integrated with 5 part manufacturers and beta-tested in India. Parts business is increased to 4 more cities in India. SparesHub blockchain platform is fully released and launched in India. SparesHub Service Aggregation is launched and 1000+ garages are certified across top 10 cities of India

Q1-Q2 2019

SparesHub blockchain platform is launched in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. SparesHub parts and services business is expanded to 15 cities in India. SparesHub blockchain platform invites third party developers to build application using SparesHub blockchain. Blockchain platform is launched in China and middle-east Asia.

Q3-Q4 2019

SparesHub launches parts and services business in Malaysia. Blockchain platform is launched across Europe and US. New applications around security, insurance, and
sharing of automobiles using blockchain are developed and launched. SparesHub closes the year with $75 million in revenues and launches full operations in Indonesia. Blockchain platform is present in all major global automobile markets

Q1-Q2 2020

SparesHub launches parts and services business in Thailand. All major car manufacturers globally now use SparesHub blockchain platform for warranty and recall management. New features, modifications and capabilities are added to platform to complete the automobile blockchain ecosystem.


All details about SparesHub Project are covered in the documents placed below.


Click here to read SparesHub Whitepaper

One Pager

Click here to read SparesHub One Pager

Token Sale Agreement

Click here to read SparesHub Token Sale Agreement

Privacy Policy

Click here to read SparesHub Privacy Policy

Our Team

Tapas Gupta

Founder & CEO

Arijit Chakraborty


Sivaraman B

Strategic Partnerships

Neena John

Human Resource

Shubham Kharote

Operations Executive

Diptanu Bhadra

Purchase Executive

Bhumika Jagtap

Business Development

Ajay Kalekar

Finance Manager

Our Advisors

Prasad Vanga

Rajeev Menon

Sailesh Sigatapu

Rohit Gupta

Industry Partnerships

Current Investors


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